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Clients testimonials (50)

Karen Marie 10 February in 03:00

He is one of handful who are the "real thing". Always accurate and able to shed valuable light on even the darkest and murkiest situations!

Carla 23 January in 18:05

Allastor is quick and to the point. I'm very happy with my reading. Thank you.

RedLily 13 January in 09:56

I had my reading last night and I was blown away!..Thankyou for the messages they blew my mind.They reasonated so much ..I cryed when the reading finished.Thankyou bless you are your gift

CBauer 25 September in 07:20

My first reading with Allastor brought me to tears. The truth he spoke in the kind and caring way that he did validated my feelings and warmed my soul. I highly recommend him!

hayylyn 21 September in 16:48

I am at a crossroads in life and was very unsure what to do, how to feel and how to react to certain individuals in my life, Allastor was able to guide me very quickly,provide accurate answers, and throw in some sense of humor/ AMAZING reading/person

Sunkissed 27 August in 04:35

Spot on! He was quick to connect and gave very accurate details. One of the best ever. Thank you for the session!

shorty55 14 August in 04:43

Truly a gem. He picked up on some things that are accurate, and I truly admire him given his gift to percieve and feel.

Lilylove50 21 May in 00:46

Had a second reading about a situation. Allastor is so quick doesn't waste any time or credits. He is so honest and real and genuine, he doesn't tell you what you want to hear he tells you what you need to hear which is so important.

Gkracing5 17 April in 04:45

Awesome guy honest and loyal no bullsit not like many other physics

Walty 16 April in 01:54

Excellent individual and very accurate reading. He picked up my situation and its specifics. Highly recommend. I will be coming back soon. I am looking forward to the positive upcoming changes and predictions. May all the blessings upon you.

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