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Clients testimonials (34)

phoenixrising 27 December in 04:31

I love talking to Allastor....

sushi 24 December in 04:46

Allastor makes you very comfortable and always gives a good value with encouragement and accuracy. This website is awesome!

Blue Butterfly 23 December in 04:48

Great reading! Compassionate reader, I will be back!

Ana** 18 December in 06:25

Good reading, he connected well and what he said made sense :)

Dreams2468 18 December in 02:56

Allastor gave me a simple, clear, to the point read. He is quick in his private read sessions.
He has a special, calm, compassionate way of sharing info and other pieces of advice.
I can’t wait for all the good things to manifest soon.
Definitely r

peacefulteapot 11 December in 07:40

Allastor was so kind, down-to-earth and helpful! Thank you! Will be back!

Quibbler 11 December in 06:05

Allastor described someone I know pretty well, I was impressed.

luckystar777 9 December in 03:33

Awesome reading today! I really enjoyed it and his positive energy as well! :) Glad I joined this website

Bludoll69 5 December in 05:11

He was spot on and extremely accurate, He pinpointed exactly location and situation. Thank you for being so awesome and having my back. Alistair never stir me wrong and one of the most honest reader I have ever met. Love him

Lexi 1 December in 13:57

I have had a few readings done by Ally now & when I've finished speaking with him,I'm so happy after, with everything he's told me in my reading. Would highly recommend him & he's the sweetest to talk with in general anyway. What a lovely guy.Thanku

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