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Clients testimonials (50)

RedLily 20 October in 04:09

Just had another read with Al! So spot on with the direction im heading ,my kids hubby everything! Thankyou ..highly recommended!!! xx

HCookie1 10 July in 11:48

Thankyou so much! Really great reading, so heplful! :)

lilyfarahen 10 July in 02:29

Amazing reader!!! he has helped me for the longest time !!!
And always improving the website and taking feedback!
Thank you for everything!!! :)

SaharFH26 8 July in 02:00

Always on point and super sweet! He's the best! Everyone should get a reading from Allastor!

Scentsations 3 July in 04:15

Just had a reading with Allastor. Needed affirmation as to the path I am taking and what I am sensing. He reaffirmed what I was feeling. He so put my mind at ease and now will await this positive change.

lovelyanne 18 June in 05:06

My special guiding lights in this crazy cosmic world. Allastor is a true gem! I love how he is able to put things into perspective in a clear and conscious way. When I reach out to him I know that I will seek the proper guidance.

Hyacinth00 17 June in 03:19

Im blessed i found allastor. I had that instant connection with him. He's so easy ti talk too and it all feels natural. I can trust him with anything and he does not judge. You feel safe around him and he gave great advice. His readings are also spot

RedLily 25 April in 13:24

Wow...Im at a loss for words.This is the best readign I have had with Allastor.Thankyou for the validation,the strong connections and proving Im on the path that Im meant to be on .Thankyou your gift is amazing

KatDream 7 March in 16:30

Allastor is an amazing, soulful reader. He gets to the heart of the matter, and offers such mindful advice and guidance. He is a treasure.

CBauer 11 February in 04:45

Amazing! I have been getting readings from Allastor for several months now. He is so kind and caring and very accurate! Things he told me months ago are happening. I always look forward to talking to him. I feel blessed!

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