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About EnchantsAnni

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Basic Profile

  • Name: EnchantsAnni
  • Age: 57
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: Australia

Languages spoken

  • English


Intuitive psychic for fifteen (15) years. I used my gifts to help family, friends and people of all walks of life. I have the ability to pick up information through my psychic senses and as well as my thoughts, I also have premonitions. Seeing information before it happens. I have experienced this psychic side to my intuitive side and I started to follow these gifts throughout my fifteen (15) years.

My Expertise

I am EnchantsAnni. I have been an intuitive psychic for fifteen (15) years. I do readings through my psychic senses and thoughts forms and I also do the tools such as cards, pendulums, crystals, runes and etc. I believe with these gifts that I can help you all and also give you the guidelines to follow the right path that you are seeking for your life. Please drop by my chat room and come seek me out for some guidance. Pleasure to get to know you.