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September 05, 2020

Allastor's Event - "How do Psychic Abilities work?" on Friday, 18th September 2020 EST

Welcome! Allastor is hosting an event "How do Psychic Abilities work?" on Friday, 18th September 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern Time. Ticket Price: $6 and this event will be LIVE, in his Chat-Room.


In this particular presentation Allastor will be discussing about how exactly psychic abilities work. There are a lot of answers out there and sources, but he will talk about proven scientific sources before any others. In this presentation Allastor will also discuss where psychic abilities come or are they all inner connected to the same source? A lot of what are discussing will be coming from Allastors own personal experience but also being source by Pete A. Sanders book "You are Psychic!"


We are looking forward to seeing you there at this exciting event!

August 24, 2020

Lucky Draw Event!

 Do you like fun events and free credits? So do we! Our Lucky Draw Event will take place every month! Here's how it works;


To play, all you have to do is be online at the moment of the event. There is NO timeframe as to when this happens, its completely random.


We randomly select a Member who is online presently in an advisors chatroom to win! (Meaning you cant sit dormit on the site 24 hours a day) What do you win you say? Well, free credits of course! Prizes do vary between 10 to 50 credits.