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How it Works

F.A.Q. for members (Frequently Asked Questions)



Getting Started

Q: What is theonetruecatalyst?

Theonetruecatalyst is a pure-hearted small business that is extending a safe spiritual community devised of beautiful people to grow together as one. Our live cam software provides you a unique experience to speak with an advisor 1 on 1 to obtain the clarity that you are seeking. "theonetruecatalyst" is unlike any other platform out their with our highly tested and gifted psychics providing you the accurate service and guidance you need. However, the biggest feature we pride ourselves in is our loving family community!

*Theonetruecatalyst Terms Of Service

"Terms Of Service" please read this if you haven't already.

Q: How may I report someone?

If you notice inappropriate behavior, copyrighted material, spam users or anything else suspicious please contact Online Support in the header immediately.




Q: How can I register on the site?

Push the Registration link in the main menu.

Q: What does the registration here give me?

If you are registered, you may do the following:
- change your profile data.
- communicate in Group Chat and Private Chat rooms anytime the Advisors are online.
- get the newsletters to your e-mail when your favorite performer is online.
- renew your account and check the chat history.

Q: Do I need a cam to talk to the advisor in a chat room?

It is not necessary to have a cam just for talking. However if you do have it you may show yourself to the advisor if you are comfortable! Otherwise, just use the chat feature.

Q: I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the login form

Q: I just registered but completely forgot my password. How can I restore it?

Use the "restore password" form. You should remember the email you wrote in the field during the registration and you will get the information right on your address. You may also go to "Online Support" in the header if you need to.

Q: I want to go to the PrivateChat but the system say I have no money on my account. How can I add money?

You may do it on the Buy Credits page.

Q: What do credits do?

Credits are what we use on to pay Psychics for their services. You can purchase credits by clicking on “Buy Credits” in the header, at the top of the main page.

Q: How can I check my credits?

Once you have logged into your account, view the top right hand corner of the header to see your screen-name and your balance.

Q: How does "Private" work?

A private reading takes place when you click on the "Private" button in a Live stream. The system will show you the credit/minute rate of the chosen advisor. You can also see a timer on the button "private" to reflect how much time you would have in a reading with that advisor.  If you click again on the "private" button, you accept the price and the reading starts.

Q: If I wanted to tip my advisor to reward them could I?

Yes! In their chat-room, click the "Present" Icon. This will open a menu where you can tip that advisor credits if you so choose. You can also select "Other" and type the amount you wish to tip.

Q: How does the Live Free-Chat work?

On the homepage, click on "Live Advisors" and you will see their chat room on the left hand side. You can take part in the conversation as a Guest or Member. Guest is someone who hasn't logged in or made an account. Member is a customer who has logged into their account.

Q: I have got a problem which I can not solve even after reading FAQ. Whom shall I write to get the answers?
Use "Online Support" to talk to the site administrators.