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Energy Healing

Align Yourself Again With The Help Of Energy Healing. Have you been feeling off lately, a little out of sorts? Well, schedule a meeting with one of our energy healing professionals to bring you back to life! Chakras; Chakras are various focal points in our body where energy can come from. When something is off in our lives, that can skew our energy. Maybe something happened recently that you think hasn't really affected you, but is still affecting your energies. We all have seven main chakras that mean different things. Root Chakra; Responsible for your sense of security and stability, this chakra is located at the base of your spine. Sacral Chakra; Located just below your belly button, this chakra is linked to your emotions and sexual and creative energy. Solar Plexus Chakra; Located in the stomach, this is where you find your confidence and self-esteem energy. Heart Chakra; Near your heart, and responsible for your ability to show love and compassion. Throat Chakra; All about communication skills, this chakra is located in your throat. Third-Eye Chakra; Intuition, strong gut instinct, and a vivid imagination. You can thank your third-eye chakra, located between your eyes, for all of those energies! Crown Chakra; Playing a role in your life purpose, as well as your spiritual connection to yourself, others, and the world, the crown chakra is located on the top of your head. Sign Up Now; Sign up for your free account today to start your energy healing!

28 Yrs, United Kingdom
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Group: 3.33 credits/minPrivate: 3.33 credits/min
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