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About Allastor

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Basic Profile

  • Name: Allastor
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States

Languages spoken

  • English, Spanish


My Pricing and Availability does vary.

╰☆╮Experience: I have had many years of experience practicing and putting my abilties to the test. The natural born gifts have only increased over time and will continue as time moves forward. I have practiced my abilities also at the famous Monroe Institute and at the Rhine Research Center. I have also had 1000’s of clients from across the world come to me, looking for help. So….In other words I am certain I can help!

I have been to the famous Monroe Institute in search of more knowledge and qualification of the Spiritual World and in addition I have also attended the Rhine Research Center for developing further into my own abilities! I am constantly progressing each day as I firmly believe in staying "updated". Its one thing to be gifted but its another thing to be Gifted and Updated. I am at your service! :)

I have serviced well over 12,000 readings through out the world.

I encourage you to connect with me in my room. This will allow you the chance to see me and ultimately decide whether or not I am the best fit for you BEFORE having to pay for a reading. Finding the right adviser, doctor, or dentist is never an easy task so please feel free to speak with me in my room to see if I am your correct fit.

If I am not, I totally encourage you to view any of the other wonderful Advisers here as they are all truly wonderful and gifted! <3

My Expertise

Certified Psychic & Psychic Development
Certified Tarot Reader
Certified in Parapsychology

I offer Tarot Card Readings, Oracle, Energy Healing, Medium-ships, Psychic Readings, Past Life Readings, Angel Oracle Readings, Aura Readings and more!