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About Mrs Serendipity

Mrs Serendipity
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Basic Profile

  • Name: Mrs Serendipity
  • Age: 49
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: Australia

Languages spoken

  • English


I am a Psychic Medium, Empath and clairvoyant. I offer you the info given to me from Spirit the Universe when needed. I do not sugar coat, I give as I receive. I see visions of the past, present and future. I offer these to you as shown to me. Each message is unique and custom to every client. So please know you have this message for a reason and sometimes that reason is for you to know only. If the connection is there and the stronger it is, undoubtedly you will likely obtain more messages from spirit. I look forward to seeing how I can bring you clarity today!

My Expertise

Welcome to my room on The One True Catalyst!

My name is Mrs Serendipity and I am from Australia!

My gifts were discovered as a child but I didn't act on them till my adult years. I have always trusted my gut instinct with anything that faced me in life and this lead me to understand my gifts so much more. I'm an Empath, Clairvoyant, and Psychic Medium. I am currently studying Tarot, Palmistry and Numerology. When these are completed they will be offered with my readings at different prices. I currently read Tarot and Oracle Cards. I have visions and I am able to connect with Spirit as well as the Universe to get answers for your questions. This will help you obtain the proper guidance needed to achieve your end result. I can do Medium-ship readings, sometimes they are done with out asking as the dearly departed need to get that message across to you at that moment in time. Sometimes the messages may not make sense right now but they will become clear when the time is right for you and when you are ready to accept the message at hand.

More than happy to help all walks of life, please do not hesitate to come to my chat-room at any time whether for a talk in Free-Chat, Message of the day or should you just need some company. My room is your second home!
Gday all and welcome to my update .Its been a long time sicne i have been back "home" here and I have missed every minute and every one of you.
I hope to be back as ap to do more readings and update on my whereabouts!
I thankyou for your patience and understanding and will reveal all soon
Blessed be