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Clients testimonials (14)

lovelyanne 18 June in 05:02

Her voice and compassion through out her informative readings are encouraging. She talks to angels! Her energy is that of a best friend in which you seek advice. She’s a straight shooter. You’ll get your worries put to rest.

scotty 9 March in 01:33

She's a very sweet and caring lady love talking to her we talked about my. Struggles and she. Mentioned hers it's great to have things in common she advised to be patient it will happen. So waiting for mess to come to a head so glad I met lenama

My Soul Whispers. 16 February in 03:37

Okay. Had to get more time with you. That was truly helpful, thank you so much!

My Soul Whispers. 15 February in 02:07

Wow. Blown away. Very deep messages she gave me. Felt like she was honestly speaking to my soul. She gave me confirmation on everything I have been just thinking about and going over in my head. Thank you Lenmana! <3

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