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Clients testimonials (14)

MeekerDay3 23 March in 02:39

Completed an reading recently and it was the best answers I have gotten.

MeekerDay3 23 September in 03:42

I have multiple readings and have seen accuracy. When the day and time came, I noticed what matched up to the readings and I was able to reassured.

Anonymous 25 March in 23:48

Lovely Reader, couldn't ask for a more honest and talented advisor.

MeekerDay 21 February in 01:44

Great reader. Had multiple readings and accurate.

My Soul Whispers. 21 February in 01:43

She hit me over the head with her reading. It was very accurate and just what I needed to hear. Thank you for your reading! I appreciate your honesty and compassion!

My Soul Whispers. 30 November in 01:19

Its been a while since I have gotten a reading with her! So good to see you again and that reading was very interesting! Gave me a huge sense of peace and understanding to my situation. Thank you!

MeekerDay 18 September in 01:35

Lenmana gave me answers in an compassionate way. I was very satisfied based on how she delivered the reading and msg. I also learned some things about myself.

My Soul Whispers. 5 August in 02:11

Another wonderful reading. Truly heart felt, direct and clear. No bullshit at all. I love her. Very gifted.

sarahvabeach 15 July in 01:41

Dear Lenmana
I hope this note finds you well
I want to thank you for the beautiful book you sent to GIFT my friend Carol ! Thank you for the signed copy of your beautiful book ! I took a moment to read your poetry Your writing is very special !

My Soul Whispers. 5 July in 22:24

Its been a while since I have had a reading with Lenmana, at least a full detailed one. This reading was beyond amazing. I was beyond mind blown. You are truly gifted! I feel like she really takes the time to listen to your words as well. Love her!

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